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  • Custom media is a marketing term referring broadly to the development, production and delivery of media (print, digital, audio, video, events) designed to strengthen the relationship between the sponsor of the medium and the medium's audience.
  • It is also called branded media, customer media, member media, content marketing, and custom publishing
  • Typically, custom media is sponsored by a single marketer (a company, brand, association or institution) and is designed to reach a tightly focused audience of customers, members, alumni or other constituency.
  • Custom media can be produced “in-house” by such organizations. Over the past two decades, a growing number of specialized publishing and media firms have emerged, called “custom media” or "custom publishing" companies in the US, and “customer publishers” or “publishing agencies” in the UK. In Belgium, CUSTO is the federation promoting “superior quality in customer media”.
  • In addition, many of the companies sell advertising space within custom publications to third parties; this subsidises the cost of publication; creates a more authentic editorial environment; and allows third parties to purchase and publicise an association with the media's sponsor, while reaching that sponsor's customers (eg food suppliers may purchase advertising space within a supermarket's custom media).
  • Custom media aims to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with the sponsor's customers. The content is carefully edited in order to reflect only the interests, needs and lifestyle of a sponsor's audience, while reinforcing the sponsor's brand values.

Why Customer Publishing ?

Customer publishing is one of the biggest success stories in marketing. Second only to internet advertising in accelerated growth, it constantly amazes in its growth, size, scope and adaptability. Every day another client comes on board, ready to experience the excitement and rewards of publishing their own magazine or website using their own content.


UK research * :

  • Customer magazines are the fasted-growing marketing medium after internet advertising
  • Customers spend an average of 25 minutes actively engaged with a magazine
  • Customer magazines increase brand loyalty by 32%
  • 120 new brands invested the medium in the last six months
  • Today, 79% of the population read customer magazines

Customer magazine are read : advertise in a content media !

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